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    For Sale:
Age                                                               Swordsmith/School                                             Type                                                Price (In Usd)         Item Number
Mid to Late Muromachi                         Soshu Hiromasa                                  Katateuchi/Wakizashi                              $1500                     Hiro-001
Late Muromachi                                                                                                                             Tsuba                                                   $150                       Tsu-001
Mid Muromachi                                                                                                                              Tsuba                                                   $350                       Tsu-002

Please contact with Item number for Pictures, and further information

We also offer custom Japanese swords made from some of the finest craftsman in these, for something 100% authentic we can get Japanese Swords made right out of Japan, for those wanting a Japanese Style sword and are on a budget we can get those made in America. Please inquire on our contact page.

*Only Mid level swords shown, Please inquire for High end swords.
**For those who require financing options, we do offer these to an extent. Please contact us for further information.
We currently offer the service of being able to send your sword to the NBTHK or NTHK Shinsa. This often results in authentication papers being issued but also gives one an idea of the quality of a sword they have in their care. These higher the grade of paper usuallyy commands a higher price for those who wish to purchase such swords.
What is the NBTHK and the NTHK?
The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK) or, the "Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords" was founded in Japan shortly after WWII and has existed since then with the approval of the Japanese government. Its purposes include preservation through study and research of Japanese Art Swords and related items, educating students and enthusiasts of Japanese swords and sword fittings, and support of related specialist craftsman in sword restoration and conservation trades.

The NTHK (Nihon Token Hozon Kai) is formally translated to “The Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword”. Having established itself in 1910 during the Meiji Period it is, in fact, much older than the NBTHK.
What are the Grading levels a paper can Achieve?
The NBTHK and the NTHK have their own grading levels and offer different papers for each, however they both compare similiarly to each other in terms of the quality and historical significance of a blade.
Hozon (Authentic )
Tokubetsu Hozon (Especially worthly of preservation)
Juyo (Important Work)
Tokubetsu Juyo (Especially Important work) - This is the highest level a sword can achieve
Shinteicho (Authentic)
Kanteisho (Important)
Yushuto (Highly Excellent Swords)
We also offer for those not wishing to have to send their swords to the NTHK or NBTHK, an appraisal service for single items and/or entire collections.
This includes a sheet with an Oshigata of the sword, and any details about the Swordsmith/school, and the time it was made. We require the swords in hand to do this. The cost is $150 per sword PLUS any applicable shipping costs. For collections please inquire.
For those not wishing to send out their sword, we do accept Photos, however we will need many detailed photos, and without the blade in hand we can only offer an estimate/opinion. These will cost $100.
Full Appraisal: $150 + Shipping costs. (We are not responsible for any loss/damage incurred during shipping, please ensure your sword is fully insured and packed well)
Estimate: $100
These are done by Joe Forcine of Soul of the Samurai in Florida

Please inquire on our Contact section of the site for more information.
We offer all the following services:
  • Full Polish
  • Full Tsuka (Handle) Restoration
  • Tsuka (Handle) Ito wrap
  • Full Saya (Sheath) Restoration
  • Shirasaya (Storage Sheath)
  • Tsunagi (Wooden blade to hold the Koshirae together)
  • Habaki (Blades collar)
*Items are quoted on a piece by piece basis, Please inquire for more information