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Ian Alexander:
Sensei Ian Alexander has been practicing the art of Muso Shinden Omori Ryu Iaido & Kendo for over 13 years, his roots began under the instruction of Sensei Philippe Pradel of the I Teki Ken Dojo in Calgary, Alberta. Ian then progressed to the role of First Assistant Instructor at the I Teki Ken Dojo, and was later given permission to open his own Byakuren Dojo by Sensei Philippe when the I Teki ken Dojo was relocated to France. In the past few years Ian has studied under Joe Forcine in the art of Kantei (Japanese sword Identification & Appraisal) and has developed a passion for Nihonto. As one cannot truly understand the art of the Japanese sword, without understanding the sword and its history. Ian has made it his goal to be proficient both in the Art of Swordsmanship but also in the Art of Kantei. In July of 2015, Ian was granted the Menkyo rank of Renshi by the ITMAF (International Traditional Martial Arts Federation).
Ian has obtained certifications in the art of Kantei by the JSSC (Japanese Sword Society of Canada), and the ITMAF (International Traditional Martial Arts Federation) and is Recognized as one of the best in the country in regards to this particular field of study.
In addition Ian has developed contacts both in the Martial Arts field but also the Antique Martial Weaponry field (Both Eastern & Western) throughout the world. These aid in not only locating rare pieces but also in the identification, appriasal, restoration, and aquisition of such pieces.