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Nihonto (Japanese Swords)


These schools are considered the foundation for everythigngthat came forward, Many schools and swordsmiths later own would attempt to copy and emulate some of the schools and styles during the Koto time period.
( Eq. Bizen Ichimonji from the Early Koto time period was emulated by the Shinto and Shinshinto Ishido schools).

Whatever type of sword you are looking for can be found, so if there is anything that may be of interest please feel free to contact us, and we will find that special treasure that you can have of your own.
Welcome to the world of Nihonto (The Japanese Sword);

The timeline of the Japanese sword can be broken down into several categories,  Koto (782AD-1570AD), Shinto (1571AD -1803AD), Shinshinto (1804AD-1876AD), Gendaito (1876AD to 1980AD), Shinsakuto (1980AD-Present Day).  These time periods can further be broken down by their own periods.
One can study a sword based by its shape, curvature, length, jigane (Grain), Hamon (the frosty line at the edge), and lastly a signature (although these are often faked, and most don't actually have a signature). While this may seem simple it has actually become an art form in its own right, we call this Kantei. The art of judging and identifying a piece of history.
There are two main branches of governing bodies in Japan that are recognized as being the experts in identification and authentication. The NBTHK, and the NTHK (The NTHK is actually far older, and has its roots in the Honami Family).
For Koto period swords these are also broken down into 5 main schools the Gokaden;
- Yamashiro
- Yamato
- Bizen
- Soshu
- Mino